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Become a Mental Fitness Coach to Help Your Clients Move Up The Mental Fitness Continuum

Become a specialist in Mental Fitness Coaching to make a profound difference in the lives of individuals.

You'll learn from a world-class faculty in areas of psychological flexibility and Lifestyle Medicine and be provided with a range of proven tools to help your clients adapt to the inevitable internal and external challenges of life to optimise their mental fitness.

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Why studyĀ Mental

We have a growing global mental health crisis and mental health prevention is crucial for several reasons. By focusing on prevention, we can reduce the burden of mental health disorders and improve overall well-being.

The need for coaching in the mental health space is evident. Mental Fitness coaching will provide your clientsĀ the skills toĀ manage the challenges life throws us

At the Mental Fitness Project, we recognise that all clients are unique and as a coach you will need a range of tools in your tool box to meet the client where theyā€™re at. We provide online education with a combination of physiology, neuroscience and psychology to help you to move your clients up the mental Fitness Continuum.Ā 

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Accredited Certificate in Mental Fitness and Health Coaching


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Certificate in Mental Fitness


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